Multitude Chain by MoonRox as glasses chain.
Multitude Chain by MoonRox can be worn as necklace, glasses chain or mask lanyard. Made in Toronto, Canada.
Multitude Chain - Necklace - Glasses Chain - Mask Lanyard
Multitude Chain by MoonRox worn as necklace.
Multitude Chain by MoonRox used as mask or face covering lanyard.

Multitude Chain - Necklace - Glasses Chain - Mask Lanyard

A chain with a multitude of options. This piece is made with semi-precious stones spaced along a brass chain and can be worn in three ways! It comes with a spring clasp on each end.

1) Link the two ends together to wear as a long necklace.

2) Clasp each end to the ear loops of your mask to use as a mask lanyard.

3) Link the included glasses holder attachments to the clasps to turn this into a glasses chain!

Choose from 5 different semi-precious stones.

See the third slide showing the Polished Bracelets to see the stones. Stones (from left to right): Imperial Jasper, Labradorite, Blue Aventurine, Amazonite, Malachite (imitation)

Length: 28.5 inches